Overview Comatrol Valves

The Italian company Comatrol is a manufacturer of high-performance hydraulic components for mobile equipment and industrial machinery. The product range extends from simple valve cartridges to complex valve blocks, which are listed below.

Check Valves


Check Valves from 3-380 l/min

Pilot Operated Check Valves from 12-250 l/min

Shuttle Valves


Shuttle Valves from 4-90 l/min

Pressure Relief Valves


Pressure Relief Valves from 1-190 l/min

Pressure Reducing Valves


Pressure Reducing Valves from 1-190 l/min

Flow Control Valves


Flow Control Valves from 15-340 l/min

Counterbalance Valves


Counterbalance Valves from 20-190 l/min

Solenoid Valves


Solenoid Valves from 7-230 l/min

Proportional Valves


Proportional Valves from 5-180 l/min

Directional Control Valves


Directional Control Valves

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