SHHARK® pump

"SHHARK" - The solution if you have sound pressure level problems

Danfoss (formerly Turolla OCG) offers with the SHHARK series a permanently quiet running gear pump.
The special profile of the gear teeth guarantees a low noise level and at the same time maximum pumping performance, even after many hours of hard use. With this pump the noise level of your system can be reduced by up to 7 dB compared to standard units.
Advantages of the SHHARK series:
Permanently quiet due to special gearing Interchangeable with standard units Interchangeable with standard units
Typical application in tractors, forklifts, aerial work platforms, construction machinery, transport machinery, agricultural equipment and lifting equipment.

Ein Vergleich zwischen einer Standard-Pumpe 11 ccm/U und einer SHHARK 11 ccm/U zeigt die Unterschiede:

Here you have got a table of units we have on stock:



Shhark Aluminium Low Noise Gear Pump Group 2

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