shhark® pump

With a simple but still sophisticated design, we offer a gear pump thatnot only is quieter, but also has a unique advantage over the mostpopular low noise gear pump.

The Turolla shhark® patented design guarantees the pump will remain silentafter many hours of heavy duty operation. We are proud to offer ourcustomers a product that not only meets noise expectations at start up, butcontinues to provide that same low noise capability in the field.

Our quiet pump design ensures consistent product efficiency. Customers willbe pleased with reliable machine performance even after many hours ofoperation. Turolla shhark® also offers cost savings over traditional gearpumps by eliminating costs associated with external noise reduction devices.

The shhark® design offers a 4dB noise reduction over regular gear pumps.The Turolla shhark® is ideal for applications where low noise and highefficiency are required.

Typical applications include tractors, indoor lift trucks,aerial platforms, construction equipment, material handling, agricultural andlifting device.Turolla shhark® brings a solid advantage.



Shhark Aluminium Low Noise Gear Pump Group 2

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