Steering element component

Danfoss is one of the world's largest manufacturers of steering components of hydrostatic steering systems for off-road vehicles. Danfoss offers steering solutions at component level and system level. Thanks to our product range, we offer solutions for a wide variety of applications - starting with regular two-wheel steering (also known as Ackermann steering), via articulated steering, automatic steering (e.g. by sensors) up to remote-controlled steering via satellite. Our product range comprises more than 1,800 different steering units and 250 different Priority valves, classified according to types, designs and sizes.


On tractors, combine harvesters, maize harvesters and other simulate vehicles there is often a need for electrically actuated steering to make automatic GPS controlled steering possible. Also manual steering with variable ratio is an often wanted feature to improve productivity and driver comfort.
For this purpose Danfoss has developed a combined steering unit and electro hydraulic steering valve named OSPE: OSP for normal manual steering wheel activated steering and E for electro hydraulic steering activated by electrical input signal either from GPS or vehicle controller or from steering wheel sensor (Danfoss type SASA) for variable steering ratio. In variable steering mode, the electro hydraulic valve part adds flow to the metered out flow from the steering unit part of the OSPE.

  • Oil flow rated 12 bis 90 l/min
  • max. pressure 25 bis 280 bar
  • gear set:
    • single range 100 to 500 cm³/rev
    • double range  60/120 to 125/440 cm³/rev



  • oil flow 1,05 to 18,49 US gal/min
  • max. steering pressure 580 to 4061 psi
  • Displacement volume 32 to 500 cm³/rotation



  • Additional possibilities over valve blocks, oil flow and moment amplifier, steering columns, Joystick